Liam would love your help as he can't get to all the requests for new flags! 

In your community take notice of flags and the addresses (we like to keep them on sticky notes) if they are near us shoot Liam a message and he will go out and change it! If you would like to change flags YOURSELF please fill out our form and we will get you connected!

We will send you a packet of letters to explain your duty and flag etiquette. You will present yourself and Liam's project to your local VFW or American Legion and we will use them as a hub to send you flags and have them retire the old ones you collect.

Ambassador Program

1) fill out the "become an ambassador" form and tell us about yourself

2) We will send you a set of letters - present yourself and the project to the vfw or american legion nearest to you

3) collect addresses of torn flags in your community and wait for your box of flags to arrive

4) change flags and snap a picture for us, take the retired flags to the vfw or american legion

5) pin your flag change on our map of flags being changed all over the country!

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Flag Code

Become an Ambassador 

Ambassador flag form

Changing Flags in the Quad City Area

be an ambassador in your community

Nope and nope. Flags should not be printed on disposable materials and thrown away. 

is it ok to eat with flag napkins?

In kind and monetary donations can be made to the VFW Post 2153: 1721 7th st Moline, IL 61265 or online in the donate button.

Where does the money come from?

Liam's maternal grandfather is French and was a Navy Officer, First Class Ensign.
His paternal great-grandfather served in the US Army WW2 South Pacific 

does liam have military family?

Liam does not change oversized flags of businesses but will change municipality flags (he is thrilled to visit a fire dept or police dept, and thank them for their service to our community) Liam is happy to help change your 3x5 business flag in a changing ceremony, please contact us if you're interested.

do you change business flags

The flags are ordered from the American Legion that support programs, which help America's children, veterans, and military families.

where do the flags come from?

Liam is not a Boy Scout - he learnt flag etiquette from a veteran who came to his school for an assembly. It stuck with him and he began asking to change flags that summer. 

Is liam a boy scout?